Sep 13 2010

Let us count the ways Facebook log in is insecure…


So I was logging into my (much maligned) Faceblag account the other day and I couldn’t remember my password. At first I was greeted by the usual incorrect password screen like so.
Typical wrong password prompt in Faceblag

So I continue entering what I hope will be my password when I am greeted by the following.
Previous password prompt in Faceblag
This just flies in the face of security. What if someone happened to know your email address and was guessing at your password. I know the first thing I would do in their case would be to take said email and password and try to log in to a few dozen or so other popular sites on the net.

This got me wondering what other interesting log in errors I could produce trying to log into Faceblag. I started entering this, that, and the other thing in the password prompt for my account to see what would happen. After about a dozen log in attempts I was finally confronted with a captcha and a prompt stating there had been a high number of unsuccessful log in attempts to my account.
High number of incorrect login attempts to Faceblag

And yet another interesting prompt I got after apparently mistyping my email address into the prompt.
Correcting my Faceblag log in spelling? Really?!